Snow Removal 

Residential snow removal-  A large percentage of our company is residential and  I have a great appreciation for the loyalty and relationships I have established year to year with my homeowner based customers.  I designate specific trucks and or jeeps to complete these typically smaller or restricted driveways.  We shovel in front of all garage doors for complete removal.  Walkways are additional.   Please feel free to inquire about pricing options for the winter season that works with your budget. 

Commercial snow management- Our main focus of operation for snow removal has always been commercial properties and roadways.  Reliability and professionalism is the main objective in this industry.  Having the experience to facilitate and manage all commercial properties with the workmanship to complete every property in a timely and diligent manner to ensure safe travel for auto and pedestrian travel.   All snow removal performed under Vernon Lawn Care & Landscapes, we do not sub out our work.
  • Home owner associations (HOA)
  • Small businesses & Office buildings
  • Private roadways
  • Parking lots
  • Side walks
  • Resorts & Communities
At Vernon Lawn Care & Landscapes you will find a commitment to customer satisfaction.  You will find an owner who is involved in day to day operations and working with the employees.  As a unit we cohesively operate to make sure all tasks and schedules are met effectively.  Not only do we take a pride in our work but I strive to make sure myself and the employees establish a comfortable working relationship that will last.  It is the pride we have in our work and the vision to look beyond today that makes us all obtain long term satisfaction.  We stand by our work to make sure quality prevails price. 
Est. 1996
A Business Built on Referrals!
Owner, Bob Shuppon   
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